August 2019:

All available babies are added to the available section.

Breeding season 2020 is already knocking at the door. From time to time I will show an update of my selective pairings on my facebook page.



Handover of animals is normally possible at shows in Hamm, Houten or some in Germany.


Christoph Kühn

Haberger Hof 1
41812 Erkelenz

Tel.: +49 178/3464012
Tel.: +49 2435/9899206
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Male: Leopard-Piebald
Female: het Piebald
Expected: Piebalds and 100% het Pieds
Babies: 2.1 Piebald
2.0 het Piebald

Male: Albino Black Pastel
Female: Piebald
Expected: Double het. Albino Piebald und Black Pastel double het. Albino Piebald
Status: no clue...

Male: Leopard-Piebald
Female: Albino
Expected: Double het Albino Piebald
Babies: 0.3 Leopard Double het Albino Piebald
1.5 Double het Albino Piebald

Male: Lavender
Female: het Lavender
Expected: Lavender and 100% het Lavender
Babies: 1.2 Lavender
1.3 het Lavender

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